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For a glimpse at the rich Balinese culture, I would recommend to join one of Matangi Tours day tours. These tours are an introduction into the fascinating culture, spirituality, and traditions of Bali, around which every aspect of daily life in Bali is organised – even today!

A Matangi Tour is a “one of a kind” adventure. You are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience, which you would not be able to organise on your own. Suggested pick-up time is 8 in the morning and you’ll be back to your hotel around 5 in the afternoon. Guests need to bring nothing but comfortable walking shoes, sunblock and a hat.

Tour #1 A Royal Journey On this tour you are introduced to a charming Prince, whose grandfather was a real Balinese King. Sit with him for a coffee and a chat, learn about Balinese culture or just have a few laughs and relax in the presence of this extraordinary member of the Tabanan Royal Family.

As the journey goes on, travel with us to some divine and mystical places, way off the beaten track. Hidden waterfalls, unknown hot springs or secret temples are some of the impossible to find on your own, but not to be missed locations we go to.

A traditional gourmet lunch is served at our private hideaway, a truly delightful jungle clearing where guests dine in an elegant pavilion surrounded by lush foliage and stunning views.

In an original Balinese village, you are likely to meet characters like the local shadow puppet master, one of the village priests, a mask dancer or another one of our many friends who make your visit to Bali a memorable one. Price: US$76 p/person/full day

Tour #2 A Spiritual Journey Visit a Balinese High Priest in his home up in the stunningly beautiful Sideman Valley area and receive a Traditional Purification Ceremony from this important member of the Brahman Caste. This is an extremely unique experience, and we are very excited to share it with you.

Have a delicious, traditional lunch in a stunning location at our friends’ exclusive hideaway, high up in the mountains of Karangasem.

After lunch, on the weekends, we travel to another Balinese Palace and watch the local Prince, giving dance lessons to the village children or we will guide you far up the slopes of Mt. Agung into a completely different climate zone. You will enjoy the always cool mountain air while walking a bit, entering the highest situated temple in Bali, the fascinating and peaceful Pura Pasar Agung at an altitude of 1.600 meter above sea level. Price: US$76 p/person/full day