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A friend of mine who has a dive operation in Tulamben, Bali, just told me that these people had guests staying and diving with them mid January. BUT Descent Divers still has not settled the bill for these guests. After two months of being told that the outstanding amount would be settled “next week”  he is considering other steps to get his money.

So a warning to all divers – your money is not safe with Descent Divers and there is a good chance that your bookings wont be honoured by hotels and dive  operators.

Unfortunately there is not physical address for Descent Divers on their website, another indicator for a shady operation. Any information where Descent Divers is actually located would be greatly appreciated.



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  • tom June 12, 2013, 18:07


    They also left my company with a big debt. We had a post address but I don’t have they money to go an check it out. They were replying then just disappeared.
    They actually made two trips the first time they paid. Second time they had acted as a go between and took the cash and did not pay me. I was not aware they were doing this.

    • sybs June 12, 2013, 18:31

      sorry to hear that, is this recent or a while back? The same thing happened to my friend – the first time they paid, and the second time they buggered off with the money.

      I am going to MIDE in early July, that’s the Malaysian International Dive Expo, and I’ll be talking to some more friends about these people. If I find out more details about them, I’ll post here.

      I also think that something should be posted about them on scuba forums

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