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Explore Indonesia

Having traveled all the way to Indonesia, why not combine a variety of destinations during your stay? With the recent changes in visa regulations it is now possible to stay in the country for up to six months, so why not have a good look around?

Indonesia spans close to 3500km, and is an archipelago of over 17.000 island. The population of close to 300 million people speaks some 701 languages (roughly 700 local languages plus Bahasa Indonesia).

Bahasa Indonesia, the national language if Indonesia, is the thread which keeps the fabric of Indonesian society together. It is the means by which Indonesians from diverse linguistic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds communicate with each other. Actually it is interesting to know that for most Indonesians Bahasa Indonesia is not their first language. In early childhood, up until pre-school, most Indonesian children speak their local dialects, and there are still many older people whose knowledge of their national language is either minimal or non existent.

At Dive Travel Indonesia we have the knowledge and the experience to design multi destination travel itineraries, just for you, and according to your  specific interests. We can book domestic flights for you, and have (some) information about Pelni ferries. We can suggest interesting cultural events, and in general ensure that your Indonesia Adventure is as hassle free  as possible.

If you would feel more comfortable having a multi-lingual travel escort accompany you, either for the whole time you are in Indonesia, or maybe just to some of the more remote places you would like to visit, at Dive Travel Indonesia we would be happy to provide one for you.

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