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Liveaboard Diving is Adventure Diving

Why go on a liveaboard dive trip?

Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed being on boats. My very first “long” ship journey was from Travemuende to Trelleborg. I was 8 years old at the time, and with that journey started a lifelong “love affair” with boats.

My first liveaboard trip was during my PADI Open Water course. Two nights onboard “Scubapro” out of Cairns. Sitting on the open deck after dark, chatting with new friends, admiring the Southern Cross, watching shooting stars make their journey across the night sky, from the unknown into the unknown – absolutely glorious!

Since that first liveaboard experience I have been on many different liveaboard boats, in many different parts of the world. The quality of the boats differed quite a bit, but one thing all these trips had in common was the sense of adventure, the anticipation of the incredible diving on the days (and nights) ahead.

Being an early morning person, I absolutely love early morning dives. The underwater world seems even more mysterious before daylight illuminates every nook and cranny. You can watch a “shift change”, where the daytime fish start arriving, but the “night shift” is still lurking around, not wanting to leave just yet. There is always a lot of activity underwater early in the morning, have a look, experience the magic.

After diving for about an hour, your stomach starts reminding you that you have not had breakfast yet, and you begin to imagine the smell of crispy fried bacon, and the taste of fresh fruit. Time to head back, but don’t forget your safety stop!

Liveaboard diving is all about adventure – exploring the unknown, diving at places which can not be reached by day trippers, meeting new people, or catching up with old friends. Dive, eat, dive, eat, dive eat – have a shower. Finally you collapse in your comfortable bed, and fall asleep to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the hull of your floating hotel.

Are you ready yet – is your dive gear packed?